One summer, home in Norway, there was a wonderful scent of something freshly baked in the air. I went over to my Aunt Liv's house, and found her baking Crispbread. I tasted them. So delicious! That summer she taught me how to bake them based on an old family recipe.  Completely hooked, I started baking the Crispbread for family and friends when I got back to Brooklyn. To my delight, everyone loved them, and Norwegian Baked was born.

Norwegians have a long tradition of baking Crispbread; we call it Knekkebrød and it can be found in virtually every home. Baked with whole grains and seeds, it’s a tasty and healthful alternative to processed crackers and bread.

I hope you will enjoy my Knekkebrød, as much as I love baking them!